Third Course
Malta, 27 April
-1 May 2020

The course will tour to Malta, Norway and possibly other countries. Click here for more details about the venue.

Important Notice

Unfortunatly it has be decided that the Malta 2020 SciCulture course is going to be postponed indefinitely.
We are really disappointed by this decision, but we understand the public health concerns and the need to be vigilant against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We will spend the a little time sorting out the loose end for our April course, but then we will be putting all our attention into organising even better events for our next course, hosted by our partners at TU Delft in Nov 2020. When we have any information, we will let you know.

Be Safe.
SciCulture team

The SciCulture Intensive Course is a 5-day science, arts and entrepreneurship transdisciplinary course for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, professionals, and educators using an inclusive co-creation, student-led design process towards real world benefits. We have invited expert speakers from 5 countries: the UK, Norway, Netherlands, Greece and Malta.

Expect long days but fun, hands-on, project-based activities. The course uses a design thinking process to bring diverse groups of people together to explore local scenarios. Participants will develop transferable skills and a long-term network to enable future collaborations.

Course Content

SciCulture brings together a unique mix of disciplines. The course balances knowledge and skills inputs through short lectures and hands-on workshops with significant project time. The idea is for the participants to address a community issue using the Double Diamond design thinking process. This requires participants to innovate together through uncertainty to result in a tangible outcome.

Participants’ skills will be assessed before the course. They will be expected to read some basic preliminary course content (short summaries on various science topics, the design thinking process, entrepreneurships and examples of visual and performance SciArt). These preparations will be coupled to introductory design thinking and entrepreneurship sessions on Monday designed to give insight into the community issue. Participants will generate ideas followed by expanding into the area to focus on through parallel workshops. On Wednesday a design briefing workshop will help coalesce the design brief and develop solutions. Afterwards participants will delve into entrepreneurship and marketing skills, coupled to more workshops to help deliver solutions that work. They will then turn these projects into reality, coupled to a SciCulture activity.

The Parallel workshops will cover a range of topics which participants can choose from. The speakers from Bergen excell in Climate Change issues and the Antropocene concept, while able to cover Artificial Intelligence, and the future of food. The speakers from Malta specialise in genetics and communications. While Science View from greece are experts in science theatre. Exeter’s experts have years of experience in the performance arts merged with science. The Design Thinking process will be led by TU Delft.

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Learning Outcomes

  • To build entrepreneurship and innovation skills
  • To develop performance and other arts-related skills
  • Understand how to use the design thinking process to generate ideas
  • Understand how to perform open-ended interdisciplinary work
  • To enhance scientific knowledge through exploration of the local scenario

Course Outcomes

  • Applying the skills of field research and observation to understand the surrounding community.
  • To conduct a SciCulture event/activity after the course
  • To become a SciCulture Ambassador in your own institution