Important Notice

Unfortunatly it has be decided that the Malta 2020 SciCulture course is going to be postponed indefinitely.
We are really disappointed by this decision, but we understand the public health concerns and the need to be vigilant against the spread of the Corvid-19 virus.

We will spend the a little time sorting out the loose end for our April course, but then we will be putting all our attention into organising even better events for our next course, hosted by our partners at TU Delft in Nov 2020. When we have any information, we will let you know.

Be Safe.
SciCulture team

You can participate in the SciCulture Intensive Course through three means:

  1. Apply for an ERASMUS+ Institutional Grant. To be eligible, you need to have a formal link with one of these institutions: University of Malta, University of Exeter, University of Bergen, TU Delft or Science View. More details here.

  2. Apply for ERASMUS+ Mobility Grant. Applications must be submitted through your organisation. More details here.

  3. Pay a Registration Fee. The SciCulture Intensive Course 2020 Registration Fee will give you access to our Intensive Course. Click here for more details.

Get in touch on and for more information.