What is ERASMUS+ ?

ERASMUS+, the EU’s programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport (2014-2020), has a special focus on the professional development of educational staff and young people. Never before has there been so much EU support for teachers’ professional development through mobility in Europe!

For up-to-date information about Erasmus+ please check the Programme’s website. Your school will need to apply to your country’s National Agency, who will also evaluate the proposal. Your National Agency is also a very good point to start for more information before proceed and select our intensive course. Within your application you should have refer to training activities covering arts, science, science communication, entrepreneurship as well as design thinking or relevant.

How to Select our course

For comprehensive details on the KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals grant, you can check out New Programme Guide.

How to Apply

If you are a student (young researcher, Masters or PhD student) or educator within SciCulture’s areas of interest, your involvement in our intensive transdisciplinary course can be supported by the ERASMUS+ Programme.

Learn if your institution has already submitted a proposal to the last ERASMUS+ Mobility call. If the proposal was approved you might have the chance to use the funds and select our intensive course..

You need to discuss this with your institution and the person responsible for the proposal in order to decide if you want to follow our course in case your proposal is relevant to our objectives.

Then you have to contact your National Authority in order to inform them about your selection and if there are needed updates that you need officially to submit to them (usually there are not if your objectives are similar to SciCulture Objectives).

If you have the agreement of your Institution as well as the National Authority you can apply for our course.

Should you need further help with your application don’t hesitate to get in touch.