4th January 2021

Shaher Moseley- Bergen Ambassador

Throughout the very intensive workshops, I learned to embrace my limitation and others’. Instead of having one way to investigate, the possibilities are only limited by […]
17th February 2020

Amy van den Hooven- Bergen Ambassador

The SciCulture experience was one that I’ll never forget. Coming from a design background it was a great opportunity to meet and work with people from […]
30th January 2020

Charlotte Chivers- Bergen Ambassador

“The course was intensive, inspiring, varied, and at times, uncomfortable. We were encouraged to participate in activities outside of our comfort zones and embrace divergent ideas […]
14th January 2020

Nika Levikov- SciCulture tutor

“I was amazed at how quickly people produced coherent and engaging works of art/theatre performances in their diverse groups with no prior experience using the materials […]