12th May 2020

Recreating the link between science and society

Science communication does not work in isolation, connectivity is the key. No one person has all of the information, all of the resources, all of the […]
10th May 2020

A complementary response to pandemic management, COVID-19, and beyond.

Written by SciCulture Organisor and Tutor, Maarten van der Sanden from TU Delft. Now the discussion on impact management has started, we see how big the […]
7th May 2020

Sailing the same storm.

Sci Com and COVID-19. During this time, the Science communication community has really come together to try and reimagine how we can come together and share […]
1st May 2020

The Allegory of the Cave -Underground insight

Hundreds of thousands of people slowly shuffle along London’s busy streets. Leading busy lives, making ends meet, grist to the mill. But below street level, there […]
28th April 2020

Home-schooling in Lockdown: Taming a Beast and Unleashing the Dragons

By Dr Lindsay Hetherington– SciCulture tutor As with everyone, this was not what I had planned for my April. If the coronavirus situation hadn’t evolved and […]
22nd April 2020

Space – the bin that never gets full

Written by Chris Styles and contribution from Dr Ing Marc Anthony Azzopardi  Looking up into the vastness of space at night can leave me in a […]
16th April 2020

When you can’t see the wood through the trees

Does metaphor help or hinder Scicom? Chris Styles speaks to science communicator and poet, Dr. Sam Illingworth from Manchester Metropolitan University. Metaphors are a powerful tool […]
16th April 2020

Ask me Anything- COVID 19

We have an eclectic team here at SciCulture, but none of us are experts in medicine or virology. But we still want to try and answer […]
7th April 2020

Time and Chaos- What makes our universe tick?

Written by Chris Styles I am sitting here, on a Sunday (I think it’s a Sunday but days are all becoming the same) morning, looking out […]